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  • Using the Power of the Sun for Energy Resiliency and Disaster Recovery Solutions

    Wednesday, January 29, 03:35 am - 03:35 am
    403 B

    Track 1: Sustainability, Livability, Resiliency
    Brownfields sites with strong potential for solar PV generation can provide essential solutions for disaster recovery and may be a of particular importance to islands, such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Island. Using viable and accessible land that is unavailable for other purposes for solar farms can allow for potential viable energy resiliency reuse options and potential economic job growth. Landfill and other brownfields sites with existing transmission capacity, good access roads, industrial zoning, strong solar access, minimum sun shading, and other factors can be good candidates for PV systems installations. Learn more about how to engage local government, community organizations and private partners to facilitate the preparation for and engagement of solar solutions to prepare for future disaster recovery. This panel will take you from researching a site’s potential for solar to preparing residents to receive training and employment for local solar projects that will improve disaster recovery and community resiliency.
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