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  • An Interventionist Approach to First Suburban Revitalization

    Friday, December 13, 11:00 am - 11:30 am
    West Hall A – Area B
    Learning Lounges
    Track 8: Small Communities and Rural Places
    For more than a generation, academics and pundits have warned about the decline of America’s first suburbs—smaller cities intentionally set apart from nearby major cities. A decade after the Great Recession, the evidence indicates that far too many formerly blue-collar, inner-ring suburbs face growing poverty, declining housing values, disinvestment, and depopulation. What can be done by civic leaders to reverse this trend? This session will highlight strategies and promising practices learned through an ICMA research fellowship that are being used by first suburbs to stimulate revitalization. While there is no silver bullet to reverse the decline of first suburbs, civic leaders do have strategies that point to workable responses.
    Tom Carroll
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