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  • Microgrids on Brownfields - a Public-Private Business Model

    Friday, December 13, 11:45 am - 12:45 pm
    406 A/B
    Roundtable Reviews
    Track 1: Sustainability, Livability, Resiliency
    The concept of grid resiliency is changing. There is now an emerging realization that energy grids at a local level need to be much more independent in order to prepare for systemic energy system failures. Brownfield sites present unique opportunities to develop renewable energy microgrid projects that not only benefit the brownfield development itself, but can provide community resiliency benefits, such as the protection of critical infrastructure – like hospitals, water treatment plants, chemical plants and nuclear facilities, in the event of a longer-term systemwide energy blackout. This roundtable will identify microgrid opportunities specific to Brownfields and the legal and regulatory nuances as to what it takes to develop a true energy independent project on a Brownfield site. The roundtable will look at the state of progress in the design and buildout of resilient, standalone renewable energy microgrid projects and the opportunities for siting such projects on closed landfills and other brownfield sites, including in smaller-city “rural” areas. Participants will learn about how to apply private activity bonds, revenue bonds, Commercial PACE financing and Opportunity Zone capital to fund these types of projects.
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