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  • Advancing Revitalization through Innovative University-Community Partnerships

    Friday, December 13, 11:45 am - 12:45 pm
    502 B
    Brownfield Speaks
    Track 4: Community Engagement and Environmental Justice
    This talk will introduce the Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities (EPIC) model which focuses the energy, expertise, and effort of a campus in a single location over a defined time-period to help advance locally identified priority sustainability, resiliency, and livability goals and initiatives. It will provide dynamic examples, with project results, from San Diego State University’s Sage Project and other EPIC Programs that showcase revitalization in communities. It also shares how attendees can build or access EPIC Programs to assist or realize local revitalization goals. Previous attendees at EPIC Program talks have walked away energized and excited to move forward in building, accessing, supporting, or partnering on EPIC Programs and/or projects in their own communities. Attendees will understand how EPIC Partnerships systematically match local priority projects with university capacity to enable local governments and communities to reach their priority goals in an affordable manner while transforming higher education, so students learn through real-life problem solving. They will see results of projects completed through these partnerships; and learn how to build or access EPIC Programs.
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