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  • The Essence of Equity

    Wednesday, December 11, 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm
    406 A/B
    Roundtable Reviews
    Track 4: Community Engagement and Environmental Justice
    Talking about equity, whether it’s about development, environment or race is tough and now is the time to bring equity it to the forefront. In 2018, the City of Phoenix experienced its toughest critics who were well organized and ready to challenge government norms. Grassroot groups stated that the City had not conducted equitable community engagement, were not addressing the needs of residents, and expressed concerns of gentrification and displacement that would occur through construction of light rail extensions. While these adverse conditions exist, the City’s Office of Environmental Programs continues to receive community support for the brownfields program, which is integrated with food system work. How can one City department be held in high regard, while others are facing challenges that may derail transportation systems? The speaker will share the story of moving outside the usual government methods to quietly and effectively practice equitable community engagement in partnership with local organization that focuses on institutional change to impact equitable outcomes. Learn about the values of equitable engagement used to bring the most marginalized and impacted community members to the table, Wisdom at the Margins, Joy & Intimacy, Move at the Speed of Trust, and Vision & Imagination. Key takeaways are to inspire attendees to create a space for institutional change, to incorporate equitable community engagement techniques, resulting in deep community support.
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