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  • Equitable Engagement and Redevelopment In Tribal Communities

    Wednesday, December 11, 03:30 pm - 04:30 pm
    408 B
    Town Meeting Conversations
    Track 5: State, Tribal and Local Government Programs and Partnerships
    The need for equitable engagement and involvement of tribal communities to investigate, assess, and plan for cleanup and be active participants in redevelopment is more important now than ever before. In this session participants learn how to motivate, share and support greater participation of tribal communities in planning the future of brownfields that represent a real and present danger to their health and safety as well as a constant impediment to tribal economic prosperity. Panelists in this session highlight how tribal communities are integrating health-focused redevelopment to improve community health through education and engagement in land reuse plans. Projects include education of new tribal leaders to ensure equitable future redevelopment, increasing economic development, and increasing access to healthy foods and other amenities. Discussion also includes the use and effectiveness of several different outreach and engagement tools including newsletters, posters, electronic postcards, coloring/activity books, work days and aerial drone footage.
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