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  • No Finer Place For Sure - Downtown

    Wednesday, December 11, 03:30 pm - 04:30 pm
    409 A/B
    Roundtable Reviews
    Track 8: Small Communities and Rural Places
    After years of lost retail and other businesses, rural downtowns are making a comeback - through strategic, deliberate deployment of time, resource, and lending, a partnership in Appalachia is bringing steady improvement in this historically challenging streetscape. Working across West Virginia to assist in redeveloping the proud, historic downtowns that define Appalachian heritage, downtowns which are truly replicated across the rural United States. This session will assess how to maximize the limited resources available for redevelopment as participants discuss approaches that are helping to revitalize historic downtowns, and how these strategies provide the needed boost to public and private developments in the region. Let’s share the collective challenges, opportunities, successes, and even disappointments, encountered on the road to making Rural Downtowns the next great investment!
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