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  • How Finding a Community Champion Can Make All the Difference

    Wednesday, December 11, 02:45 pm - 03:15 pm
    West Hall A – Area A
    Learning Lounges
    Track 4: Community Engagement and Environmental Justice
    A Regulator’s Challenges with Science Communication: The speaker will walk the audience through her experience as the environmental regulator on the Former Athens Tank Farm/Ujima Village, a former oil production facility in the south-east area of Los Angeles that is now a regional park; at the time she started on the project, a portion of the site was also being used for residences and a day-care. The community felt that the government had let them down by irresponsibly allowing them to live for years in homes on top of contamination from a former oil production facility. Learn how the speaker navigated the balance of addressing environmental justice and community concerns through evolving and adaptive science communication, and how she eventually overcame trust barriers with the help and support of a local community champion.
    Maryam Tasnif-Abbasi
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