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  • Community Actions that Drive Brownfields Redevelopment

    Wednesday, December 11, 02:15 pm - 03:15 pm
    408 B
    Town Meeting Conversations
    Track 4: Community Engagement and Environmental Justice
    How do you attract redevelopment interest to a particularly challenging brownfield site? What if the site that your community really wants to redevelop is mothballed or otherwise stuck in limbo? Good news! There are several steps your community can take to help move these stuck brownfields back into productive reuse. Join this session for a step-by-step walkthrough of best practice approaches that localities can use to create community champions, create an exciting yet realistic reuse vision, remove barriers to brownfields redevelopment, engage developers and end-users, complete site preparations, and – finally - close the deal. Learn how to successfully apply these strategies to help revitalize long-dormant brownfields in your community!
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