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  • Diverse Goals, Shared Outcomes – Cleanup For Flood Control

    Thursday, December 12, 02:45 pm - 03:15 pm
    West Hall A – Area B
    Learning Lounges
    Track 8: Small Communities and Rural Places
    Tillamook County, Oregon's Southern Flow Corridor flood control project speaks strongly to the will, perseverance, and creativity of a rural community to build resiliency back into its environment. Overall, the project restored 520 acres of tidal wetlands creating one of the largest wetland restoration areas in the northwest and addressed the commercial, residential, and agricultural concerns and needs of the region. Cleanup of a former veneer mill site resulted in over 12,600 cubic yards of soils contaminated with substances hazardous to ecological receptors. A memorandum of agreement established roles and responsibilities for a 4-entity project team.
    Karen Homolac
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