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  • What's Health Got to Do with It? Using Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to Address Brownfields

    Wednesday, December 11, 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm
    408 B
    Panel Discussions
    Track 1: Sustainability, Livability, Resiliency
    One of the explicit reasons to redevelop brownfields is to enhance public health and minimize risk to humans from contamination. How do we inform and engage communities about their risk and the opportunities to make recommendations that will ameliorate negative health consequences and accentuate benefits? Health Impact Assessment is one tool that can be used to work with communities to: determine end use; take into account local knowledge and lived experience and to create lasting value for the community. Participants will learn about the HIA process; how it can be used in redevelopment and how it can be a novel way to engage community members in the process. Two case studies will be discussed as illustrations of how HIA can be used to bring benefits to the community as well as to build stronger relationships with the redevelopment team.
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