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  • Optimization of Active Sub-Slab Extraction Systems

    Wednesday, December 11, 12:30 pm - 01:00 pm
    West Hall A – Area B
    Learning Lounges
    Track 7: Cleanup and Remediation Approaches
    Designated areas within Los Angeles are considered to contain high levels of subsurface methane gas due to historical oil fields, landfills, or even the decay of organic matter. The Los Angeles department of Building and Safety (LADBS) requires Methane Mitigation Systems to be implemented within new construction projects that are located within these designated areas. In cases where high levels of methane gas are detected within a property, LADBS will require an active sub-slab extraction system to be permanently installed within the new structure. The goal of this study is to provide accurate methodologies for designing efficient active sub-slab extraction systems, along with the development of necessary tools/calculators for the brownfield engineering community to utilize for future designs. Our study will consist of a numerical simulation of the extraction system conditions with the goal of obtaining data related to flow conditions of the sub-slab system. An experimental study will be conducted to validate the simulation.
    Sean Kaligi
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