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  • Brownfields to Hempfields

    Friday, December 13, 11:45 am - 12:45 pm
    404 A/B
    Roundtable Reviews
    Track 7: Cleanup and Remediation Approaches
    One of the most underrated aspects of industrial hemp is its use for land reclamation and remediation. With the combination of brilliant minds and this type of vision for hemp, we will help ensure a greener, healthier and sustainable future for all of us. This session seeks to illuminate the use of hemp to remediate brownfields. The speakers will talk about how hemp works, benefits, drawbacks, and case studies. The goal of this session will be to inform the audience on the viability of phytoremediation using industrial hemp as a remediating agent and as a brownfield reuse. In addition, this session will dispel the many myths and demystify the stigmas that surround hemp and its association with marijuana.
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