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  • All Hands on Deck: Strategies for Navigating Unconventional Brownfields

    Thursday, December 12, 02:15 pm - 02:45 pm
    West Hall A – Area C
    Learning Lounges
    Track 8: Small Communities and Rural Places
    Pulaski County, Arkansas' Brownfield team challenged the traditional definition of a brownfield by successfully negotiating the acceptance of a very unconventional project into the EPA's Brownfield Program...a tugboat. The session will share a fascinating overview of the the nation's first floating brownfield and her journey from surviving Pearl Harbor to final destination at North Little Rock, Arkansas. Participants will learn to identify several ways to redefine properties as brownfields, while leverage critical partnerships to gain support to complete their projects. The session will include a 5-minute video of the project and can be viewed at
    Josh Fout
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