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  • The High Hanging Fruit: Harder to Reach but Still Oh So Sweet

    Wednesday, December 11, 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm
    404 A/B
    Roundtable Reviews
    Track 5: State, Tribal and Local Government Programs and Partnerships
    One thing never considered in the early days of the Superfund, RCRA or TSCA programs was the possible reuse of these sites; after all, these sites represented posed some of the greatest potential risk to human health and the environment. With many of these sites having a very marketable location, owners of these sites see the potential in conveying these sites for redevelopment. Additionally, federal and state regulators are routinely encouraging that the reuse be contemplated when developing the remedial design. Sounds like the foundation for the brownfield process—integrating redevelopment and remediation! Can a brownfield approach be integrated into other regulatory program. This Town Meeting will engage the participates in a discussion of projects they have managed in which the guiding principles of the brownfield approach have been incorporated on a “non-brownfield site”. Some of the issues participants may want to share include: What was the regulatory document that compelled the cleanup; What administrative complications arose and how were they resolved; How were cleanup standards established; What strategies were developed to streamline the remediation timeline; How was financial assurance addressed; How were federal and state response costs for overseeing the private cleanup; Were there additional studies or investigations to support EPA development of its five-year reviews; and Was the issue of “reopeners” addressed.
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