Economic Redevelopment Forum Consultations

A component of the conference’s Economic Redevelopment Forum (ERF) is the ERF Consultations, where attendees are offered an opportunity to have a project reviewed and/or gain valuable advice from a line-up of developers, seasoned environmental consultants, insurance professionals, and others with expertise in brownfield transactions.  At Brownfields 2017, you will have the opportunity to set up a 30 minute session with experts to help answer your questions about assessments, cleanup and development of brownfield properties. To participate, follow the link to tell us a little more about your property and what areas you are seeking advice on.

Potential Topics Areas include:

Private FinancingInsurance/Risk ManagementState-specific regulations (e.g. clean construction demolition)
Public Financing and Incentives (tax credits, TIF, bonds, loan funds, EB5)Federal Programs/RegulationIndustrial building demolition
LegalBonafide Prospective Purchaser Status (Safe Property Transfer/Acquisition)Architecture
EPA Brownfields Grant property eligibility and applicationsTechnical AssistanceZoning (developer-friendly)
Environmental (Phase 1/Phase 2 site assessments, institutional controls, etc.)Historic PreservationSite identification

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