Call for Ideas

Open through May 31, 2019


Conference Topic Areas

The conference planning committee is looking for ideas in the following topic areas/tracks:

Track 1: How Do We Increase our use of Renewable Energy and Design Healthy, Resilient, and Sustainable Communities?
Tell us how you pursue innovation. Share your success stories and shed light on how addressing brownfields in your community has spurred economic revitalization.

Track 2: Can Our Assessment and Cleanup Technologies be Greener?
Environmental stewardship not only takes stewardship- it takes innovation. Provide the Brownfields 2019 audience with examples of how technology is helping to mitigate climate impacts throughout the brownfields process.

Track 3: How Do We Leverage Financing to Foster Economic and Community Redevelopment and Revitalization?
What are some creative financing solutions you’ve seen used to pay for brownfield revitalization? Share your stories or solutions!

Track 4: What in the World?
Share stories of blight, brownfields, and revitalization from across the globe. Spread the success of your community or project in this special Brownfields 2019 track.

Track 5: Are We Engaging the Local Community?
Give us your best advice on how to make brownfields revitalization a success for all stakeholders. Share your ideas on engaging the community and making development equitable.

Track 6: How Do We Address Environmental Liability and Enforcement Concerns, and How Do We form Meaningful Partnerships with Government Entities?
Got ideas on overcoming future liabilities of the brownfield process? Share your strategies for working at all levels of government to ensure livable, vibrant, and sustainable communities.


Session Formats

You have options for submitting ideas in a variety of formats.

Read the description for each format carefully and see the new possible formats proposed for Brownfields 2019 at the bottom of this list. For each session you propose you will need to provide:

  • Session title
  • Session description
  • Speaker names, titles, organizations and brief bios
  • Session coordinator contact information (the person that conference planners will communicate with to organize your session if it is selected)

Learning Lounges (30 minutes). Adapted for adult learning, these sessions feature one speaker delivering a fifteen-minute presentation with the remaining time devoted to Q&A with the attendees.

Roundtable Reviews (60 minutes). Our most interactive session, roundtables feature one or two experts guiding an interactive conversation with the audience around a focused topic. There is no audiovisual technology or formal presentations. Experts tee up the topic and then facilitate the conversation with the attendees.

Panel Discussions (60 minutes). One moderator and up to two speakers deliver 15 to 20-minute visual presentations (e.g. PowerPoint presentations) each. The moderator is expected to leave enough time for Q&A with the audience at the end of the presentations.

Town Meeting Conversations (60 minutes). Similar to panel sessions, Town Meeting Discussions also feature one moderator and two speakers. Speakers provide brief opening remarks and/or presentations; however, the session is designed to more quickly engage the audience in an ongoing dialogue for the bulk of the session time.

Pre-Conference Trainings (2-4 hours). We anticipate offering several pre-conference workshops the day before the conference officially kicks off. If your idea is most suitable for this type of training, please select this format.

Mobile Workshops (3 hours). These ride along sessions, take attendees out of the convention center into the Los Angeles area to see and learn about one or more showcase redevelopment projects. Plan on about 50 participants per workshop and a timeframe that includes round-trip travel and the learning experience of the site visit.

New for 2019! Brownfield Speaks (20 minutes). Taking a que from TED Talks, we are looking for engaging, charismatic speakers whose talks expose new ideas that are supported by concrete evidence and are relevant to a broad audience. The goal is to foster the spread of great ideas.

New for 2019! Engaging Ideation (30 minutes to 2 hours). The brownfields conference is notable for introducing new formats and approaches for actively engaging participants as part of the educational process. Design charrettes, table-top scenario planning and last year a session modeled after the popular Shark Tank television show have all be conference favs! If you’ve got an idea for a new engaging format or approach that you want to share, we’d love to hear about it. Keep it under two hours.



To download a PDF of this Call for Submissions page, click here.

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