Call for Ideas FAQs

May I submit more than one session proposal?

Yes, idea submitters are encouraged to submit as many proposals as they would like. However, conference organizers will only select proposals that are well thought-out, so please make sure you focus on quality not quantity.

May I submit a proposal via regular mail, fax, or email?

Unfortunately, those options are not available as the online Call for Ideas is part of the conference’s greening effort.

Does speaker information need to be finalized before submitting a proposal?

Ideally, we would like to have a final set of speakers when you submit a session idea. However, if you are having trouble picking a final panel or completing your panel, we are happy to help coordinate that if your session idea is selected.

What if I think multiple session formats could work for the session idea I have?

Please select the session format you think is most appropriate as it will determine how many speakers you can input. You can list alternative session formats in the “Additional Information” section.

How and when will I know if my proposal is accepted?

Conference organizers will review each proposal and finalize the educational program by mid-June. Soon after, session managers will reach out to those whose ideas were selected either via phone or email.

If my session idea is selected, what happens next?

If your idea is selected, a session manager will contact you to confirm and go over the next steps. The first will be an introduction call with yourself and the session speakers. From there, you will be directed to the Brownfields 2019 Speaker Portal where you can help with the session development.

Do I need to pay the registration fee for the conference if I am a speaker?

Yes. All speakers must register for the conference.

What makes an ideal speaker lineup?

The most interesting and engaging sessions tend to be the ones that offer different perspectives on the subject matter being presented. Diversifying your speaker set and crafting your session proposal to complement each presenter’s expertise will increase the chances that it’s selected.

Will I be able to edit my proposal after I submit it?

No. You have the ability to save your session idea as a draft and edit as often as you would like until you are ready to submit. The final date for submitting ideas is May 31, 2019.



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