Educational Program Overview

Featuring over 100 educational sessions offered in a variety of formats, the conference offers high quality learning experiences and peer-to-peer networking for stakeholders looking for beginner basics to those needing more advanced training and connections.

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Conference Topic Areas

  • Track 1: Sustainability, Livability, Resiliency
  • Track 2: Financing Options, Real Estate, & Economic Development
  • Track 3: Smart Cities and Communities
  • Track 4: Community Engagement and Environmental Justice
  • Track 5: State, Tribal and Local Government Programs and Partnerships
  • Track 6: Liability and Enforcement
  • Track 7: Cleanup and Remediation Approaches
  • Track 8: Small Communities and Rural Places

Educational Session Formats

Learning Lounges (30 minutes). Adapted for adult learning, these sessions feature one speaker delivering a fifteen-minute presentation with the remaining time devoted to Q&A with the attendees.

Roundtable Reviews (60 minutes). Our most interactive session, roundtables feature one or two experts guiding an interactive conversation with the audience around a focused topic. There is no audiovisual technology or formal presentations. Experts tee up the topic and then facilitate the conversation with the attendees.

Panel Discussions (60 minutes). One moderator and up to two speakers deliver 15 to 20-minute visual presentations each. The moderator will leave enough time for Q&A with the audience at the end of the presentations.

Town Meeting Conversations (60 minutes). Similar to panel sessions, town meeting discussions also feature one moderator and two speakers. Speakers provide brief opening remarks and/or presentations; however, the session is designed to more quickly engage the audience in an ongoing dialogue for the bulk of the session time.

Pre-Conference Trainings (2-4 hours). Pre-conference workshops will be offered the day before the conference officially kicks off.

Mobile Workshops (3 hours). These ride along sessions, take attendees out of the convention center into the Los Angeles area to see and learn about one or more showcase redevelopment projects.



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