Greening Efforts

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Come and experience the David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLLCC) — the first “green” convention center in the world! The DLLCC leads the way in green facility management, placing sustainability as a top priority and setting the highest standards in efficiency, technology, comfort, and service. Come and see what makes the DLLCC a pioneer in sustainability:

Green Building Design

The DLLCC features innovative design and a commitment to the environment in every aspect of building operations. Highlights include:

  • DLLCC is the only convention center in the world with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certifications: Gold in new construction and Platinum in the existing building.
  • Nearly one tenth of total building materials were made from post-consumer recycled content (steel, aluminum, drywall, and ceiling tiles).
  • Curved roof design in the main halls allows spaces to be naturally lit, reducing electric lighting consumption by nearly 30%.
  • The building’s natural ventilation system harnesses the aerodynamics of river breezes for zero-cost cooling.
  • Two green roof designs (garden and native plant boxes) create outdoor space and reduce the demand for energy-intensive air conditioning.
  • The building features an on-site wastewater treatment plant to conserve water and reduce the impact on the municipal drainage system.

Conservation Practices

Demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability, DLLCC diverted 60.3% of its trash (259 tons) from landfills in 2016. DLLCC achieves the highest green levels by incorporating sustainable practices into all its operations, including:

  • Recycling, composting, donating, and repurposing materials.
  • Recycling traditional and non-traditional materials.
  • Utilizing recyclable products and goods.
  • Automation of thermostats, light sensors, air intakes, and other controllable systems for maximum efficiency.

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